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About Copper Robin

Copper Robin started as a small shop on Etsy (CopperRobinBoutique). Over time we have added fun and different items to our collection. Some of the items are still personally handmade or designed by us and others items we have found from all over the world.  If you have any questions about your order or any of the items we offer, please e-mail us at or find us on instagram @CopperRobin


Owner of Copper Robin's 'Buy One, Give One' Sock Story:

In March of 2015, my baby boy had a pulmonary hemorrhage (tear in his lungs causing excessive bleeding) when he was born. He was life flighted to the NICU at Primary children's Hospital here in Utah. It was the scariest experience we have ever gone through. Being separated from my baby, unable to go with him to the children's hospital, not knowing if he was even going to make it through the night. It was a life changing experience for me and I do feel like I have been blessed to look at my life a bit more differently. Really trying to concentrate on not wishing away a hard day and trying to be a more patient mother with my other 2 boys.
During our miraculous stay at the NICU, my super baby had so many cords and IV's hooked up to him that it wasn't possible for him to wear any clothes. They could only put on little infant socks. When I would arrive at the hospital every morning, I would have horrible mom guilt when I would see that the socks had fallen off and with two other boys at home, I wasn't always able to be right there to put them back on. After bringing my healthy baby home and reflecting on this, I decided we needed socks that would stay on. Socks that would be fun and stylish like mommy's and daddy's! That was when I started designing and contacting manufacturers to make my infant knee high socks. My husband and I have felt like we owe our lives to the doctors and nurses of PCH who helped save our little guy's life. We decided that it would be so rewarding to be able to offer socks to their NICU and other NICUs across the country. So we are offering a BUY ONE GIVE ONE on all sock orders. For every pair of socks you purchase, we will donate a pair in your name. They will then go on the little feet of a sweet little fighter providing them comfort and providing mama some peace of mind that their baby's feet will stay covered while they are apart. Thank you!


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Above Picture: (Baby Pierson in the NICU)

Above Picture: (Big Brothers meeting Baby Pierson for the first time since his birth, 10 days earlier)

Above Picture: (Bryn, Owner of Copper Robin, Mother to 3 boys, Wife to an amazing man, and tragically born without a serious bone)